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What Is Electrotherapy Used For?

One of the most uncomfortable conditions an individual can be in is in pain. Applying electrical pulses to the problem area is a great option for relieving the pain. Most people think using electricity on any part of the body is painful. Yet, patients describe the sensation to be relaxing, vibrating, tingling or buzzing.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

People mostly think of massage therapy as a way to pamper themselves. But this type of alternative treatment is so much more than a fleeting feel-good ministration.

Treating Whiplash With Chiropractic Care

Each incident of whiplash is unique. So, it is not always possible to take a broad view of the chiropractic treatment needed. Each whiplash injury needs different chiropractic treatment. It targets the main problems detected during the exam. Chiropractors often use a variety of chiropractic therapies for whiplash. These include:

What Is Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy?

Chiropractic manipulative therapy refers to the application of a precise thrust to a joint on the vertebrae. The chiropractor uses his hands or a particular device to apply pressure. A thrust is a pressure of a specified degree or intensity applied in a specific direction. The thrust causes the joint to move more than it would by itself, easing its mechanical function. The recipient enjoys better spinal motion and physical functioning across the body.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than six million vehicle accidents occur every year in the United States. Unfortunately, about 27 percent of all these car accidents lead to nonfatal injuries. But, some of these auto injuries result in tremendous pain or permanent disabilities.

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