Treating Whiplash With Chiropractic Care

Treating Whiplash With Chiropractic Care

Treating Whiplash With Chiropractic Care

To diagnose a whiplash injury, chiropractors examine the patient’s spine as a whole. Whatever your reason for visiting, the chiropractor will examine the entire spine. This will help the provider to see if other regions of the spine need treatment as well.

Each incident of whiplash is unique. So, it is not always possible to take a broad view of the chiropractic treatment needed. Each whiplash injury needs different chiropractic treatment. It targets the main problems detected during the exam. Chiropractors often use a variety of chiropractic therapies for whiplash. These include:


Chiropractic Manipulation


Chiropractic manipulation is a primary treatment for joint dysfunction due to whiplash. The chiropractor will move the affected joint to bring relief to the patient. It may involve the use of a short thrust or a slow mobilizing movement by the chiropractor.


Stimulation or Muscle Relaxation


This is the main whiplash treatment or therapy for related muscle dysfunction. It involves gentle stretches to the muscle experiencing repeated contractions or excessive tension. If the muscle is too tight, the chiropractor may apply a more vigorous stretch. He or she may apply the gentle figure technique to your trigger points. This will reduce the pain associated with tight muscles.


Sensorimotor or Stabilization Activities and McKenzie Exercises


Chiropractors may use these exercises to help treat people with whiplash injuries. McKenzie exercises can help reduce disk derangements resulting from a whiplash injury. They involve simple movements done in the chiropractor’s office. The movements also make for an easy transition into self-care. They help patients play an active role in their recovery process.

Sensorimotor and stabilization exercises can help correct defective movement patterns in normal activities. These exercises train the nervous system to better control and coordinate movement patterns. They can also help improve the ability and strength of the neck muscles to maintain the neck’s stability.

Sensorimotor and stabilization exercises help in trauma following a car accident. These exercises also help after individuals experience a fall. They can help in the case of microtrauma from simple things as well. These may include playing sports or having people push you around in a crowd. They can also include tasks that need lots of physical effort.


Instrument-Assisted Manipulation


This treatment option for a whiplash injury is a non-thrusting technique. Chiropractors use specialized hand-held tools to apply pressure without thrusting into the spine. This spinal manipulation is ideal for older patients with a degenerative joint problem.


Chiropractic Advice on Lifestyle and Ergonomic Changes


This advice deals with different factors in your life. It will include your home, work, or social activities that cause the problems. Spine care professionals working at the chiropractic clinic can teach useful tips. They can also recommend different reduction methods to help treat chiropractic issues.


Your chiropractor may choose any of the above methods to treat your condition. To learn more about treating whiplash visit ADVANTACARE Chiropractic Wellness Center. Our office is in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. You can also call (270) 207-9300 to book an appointment.

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