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Care for All Ages

At ADVANTACARE Chiropractic Wellness Center we warmly welcome your entire family. Dr. Bartelt treats all age groups, from newborn to the elderly.

A Synergistic Relationship

Elizabethtown chiropractor ADVANTACARE Chiropractic Wellness Center

We can achieve more together than alone!

We believe that in order for your family to succeed with Chiropractic Care, it is essential to establish a synergistic relationship. We can both achieve more together than we could on our own.

The following are characteristics of our ideal patient so you can determine if what we deliver is what you are looking for:

  • Willingness to consider a natural strategy to manage and eventually eliminate the condition
  • Belief that it’s possible to resolve issues without pharmaceutical drugs
  • Readiness to change your diet to achieve a desirable outcome
  • Open to trying a Therapeutic Nutritional Protocol to assist in care of your condition
  • Understand that health is one’s most precious asset
  • Trust in Chiropractic and the body’s natural ability to heal to being the solution

If you are ready for a natural solution to ease your pain contact our office today. Dr. Bartelt is ready to guide you to a healthier tomorrow.

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