Meet the Doctor

Dr. Craig A. Bartelt, D.C.


Dr. Bartelt graduated from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He completed his undergraduate education in Psychology, Pre-Medical and Military Science at the University of Central Florida. He was commissioned as a United States Army Officer graduating from college and served on active duty before, during, and after the Gulf War until he entered his doctorate program in late 1997.

Dr. Bartelt served as both a United States Army PATRIOT Air Defense Artillery Officer as a Lieutenant, and later as a Military Intelligence Officer as a Captain while on active duty here in the USA, in the European Theater, and Southwest Asia. Later, as a Field Grade Officer he served as both as an Intelligence Officer and an Air Defense Officer both in the Iowa and Kentucky National Guards. He is the only practicing Doctor of Chiropractic in Elizabethtown who is a Veteran.

Proof That Chiropractic Works

Dr. Bartelt was active in sports on his high school weight lifting team, and trained in Martial Arts into his college years and beyond, experiencing various physical injuries. During one severe back injury he sought medical attention and was given pain medication and told to rest and “just lay down to heal,” and “if that doesn’t solve your back issue, then you may need surgery”. This approach of course only worsened his condition over several more weeks of non-active care and medication as the therapy. He sought Chiropractic Care for his injury at the suggestion of a friend following the lack of results with medication and rest. He was rewarded with a very successful outcome, both relieving his pain in minimal time, and a complete return to full functional health without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Bartelt also experienced injuries while serving in the military and saw the results of various physical injuries to his soldiers, and again Chiropractic Care brought a successful outcome in both relieving pain and resulting in a full return to functional wellbeing, when again medication failed to produce any results.

Why Chiropractic

After years serving on active duty as an Army Officer, Dr. Bartelt saw many soldiers with assorted musculoskeletal injuries receive nothing more than an extra-large bottle of Motrin or other NSAID’s, or pain medication to relieve their pain for various injuries like neck, shoulder, back and sciatic pain. Unfortunately, even though at times a soldier’s pain would be reduced with medication, a return to full function and the ability to do his or her military job would be delayed, or with restrictions and much less than an optimal recovery. After his immediate boss injured his back during physical training and was told he may need surgery, Dr. Bartelt encouraged him to seek Chiropractic Care, and it was again a success.

Dr. Bartelt was impressed with the success of the Chiropractic Treatments he both had received personally and witnessed first-hand, so much so in fact that it made a lasting and long term impression on him, in fact helping him to determine his future career choice upon leaving active Army Service.

Dr. Bartelt left the United States Army to attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, the premiere Chiropractic Medical College in the USA. Simultaneously, while attending his doctorate program at Palmer College of Chiropractic he also served as an Officer in the Iowa Army National Guard. Returning to Elizabethtown he started his Chiropractic Practice while also serving in the Kentucky Army National Guard.

Professional Development

Dr. Bartelt is constantly advancing his education with the latest techniques with hundreds of hours of post-doctoral education in order to provide the widest variety of treatment options for his patients. He has an extensive background in Chiropractic Care, Physical Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy), Auto-Accident Injury Care, Sports Injury Care, Functional Nutrition (Nutraceutical, Medical Food, and Herbal Therapies), Functional Neurology, Cold Laser Therapy, Workplace Ergonomics, and General Family and Wellness care.

On a Personal Note

Outside of providing excellent care for his patients, Dr. Bartelt enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, hunting, shooting (both archery and firearms). He enjoys reading and studying to advance his education. Dr. Bartelt is married to his wife Monica, and has four children, Jacob, Brittany, Brooke, and Josh. He and his family are members of the Elizabethtown Church of Christ. He is a Member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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