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What to Expect

At ADVANTACARE Chiropractic Wellness Center we offer all-natural, noninvasive and completely customized health care solutions that focus on allowing the body to heal itself from the inside out.

We treat you like family from the moment you arrive and want you to have an enjoyable chiropractic experience.

Comprehensive Evaluation

New Patient Forms

Please complete these forms online to save you time at your first visit.

New Patient Forms

Dr. Bartelt will take the time to get to know you and listen to what your goals are for your health, and make recommendations based on those goals and your current state of health. He will perform a complete and comprehensive examination that will test your reflexes, range of motion, as well as many standard neurological, orthopedic, postural and other ares of physical examination. If necessary, digital X-rays will be taken, or other tests such as CT/MRI, etc. make be prescribed to ensure a fully comprehensive diagnosis to develop an appropriate care plan.


Treatment Options

Based on the findings from the examination, Dr. Bartelt will determine if you may benefit from care in our office. If so, he will discuss a diagnosis and explain how your specific condition may have occurred. He will recommend customized treatments and can answer any and all questions that you may have. We are here for your health and to assure that you are comfortable and fully understand the treatments suggested.

Depending upon the severity of your symptoms and availability of your time, you may begin your care immediately following the exam on the first day. If not, you will schedule to come back for your initial treatment. During the initial treatment, a Chiropractic Assistant will walk you through the therapies and treatments that you will be doing each visit. Please feel free to ask questions at any time, we want to make sure you are getting relief of pain and discomfort while we treat the cause of your symptoms, ultimately reaching your personal health goals.

We look forward to helping you reach your health and wellness goals. Contact us today and see how chiropractic can help you.

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