• "A+ Best
    Great staff and services all around A+ best I’ve ever been to and I’ve been to quite a few."
    - Jenn B.
  • "Helps Patients Become Whole Again
    The doctor really cares, takes plenty of time, does a thorough assessment, answered all my questions, has strong compassion and desire to help the whole person not just the problem. Overall his goals are clear, to help the patient become whole again. The staff is very nice. He gave me hope not only for my shoulder and back issues but also for IBS help. I look so forward to getting well. If it had not been for my PCP knowing about this doctor I would never have been aware. God bless."
    - Kathy P.
  • "Like a Part Of Your Family
    Thanks for making me feel like a part of your family. I trusted you all immediately because you actually cared."
    - Lemora W.
  • "Recommend to Anyone
    Great practice and staff. Would recommend to anyone."
    - Rodney M.
  • "Neck & Back Pain Relieved
    I came to ADVANTACARE hurting so bad all over that I could hardly move comfortably. My neck, mid and lower back was causing me intense pain. After treating with Dr. Bartelt for a short time, I can move all over with almost no pain!

    I am 75 years old and feel better than I did 20 years ago. It is actually a pleasure to be a patient at ADVANTACARE. I really like the staff and their interest in my problem and willingness to help."
    - Charlotte A.
  • "Dr. Bartelt Really Cares
    I found ADVANTACARE Chiropractic in the yellow pages. What impressed me the most was the amount of time Dr. Bartelt spent with me doing the first visit work up, at his expense, not mine. He cares about his profession and his patients and goes that extra step to make sure you understand your problem and then tells you how he plans to correct the problem."
    - Dan K.
  • "Numbness After an Auto Accident is Finally Gone
    I was in a car accident a few years ago and started suffering with pain in my left arm and numbness in my right arm. I had surgery on my neck, but the numbness in my right arm continued. I thought I would have to always deal with the problem. I finally went to ADVANTACARE by a friend’s recommendation. Within three months the pain in my shoulder was gone and mobility had greatly improved. I started to notice that the numbness in my right arm was decreasing. Today I have been pain free, numb free for 10 months. I am amazed that I spent several years dealing with pain and numbness and today I have no problems."
    - Nicole C.
  • "Less Pain & More Flexibility
    I became a patient at ADVANTACARE in August of 2013. I had fallen down and my lower back felt like everything had shifted down. It was very sore and I couldn’t bend over. I had tried using a heating pad and Thermacare patches for relief.

    One of the things I liked most about ADVANTACARE is that I was seen upon arrival, no long wait in the waiting room. The staff and doctor were easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, courteous and friendly, had respect for my privacy and genuinely cared for my health. ADVANTACARE offers convenient hours and a multitude of services. I felt like my care was affordable and an overall great value.

    After becoming a patient of Dr. Bartelt, I had decreased pain, improved flexibility and posture, and my knowledge about health increased and home care ideas were shared with me by the staff."
    - Wanda N.
  • "Dr. Bartelt cares and explains things well."
    - Patient
  • "Dr. Bartelt cares and explains things well."
    - Patient
  • "I was in severe pain when I started. Now I’m able to work with very little or no pain at all."
    - Patient
  • "I got better and the staff makes you feel like family!"
    - Patient
  • "It is actually a pleasure to be a patient at ADVANTACARE."
    - Patient

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