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Whether you are dealing with an acute or chronic condition, we offer a wide range of treatment options to help your body regain a functional, pain-free state. Begin your journey with chiropractic and chose to live your best life!

Elizabethtown Chiropractor, Dr. Craig Bartelt and his friendly staff would like to introduce you to an all-natural way of obtaining optimal wellness. At ADVANTACARE Chiropractic Wellness Center you will experience comprehensive care that is all natural and noninvasive. Whether you are dealing with an acute or chronic condition Dr. Bartelt offers a wide range of treatment options to help your body regain a functional, pain-free state.


Our Mission Statement

The mission of ADVANTACARE Chiropractic Wellness Center is to provide true health care in an outstanding and friendly manner to our patients based on the concept that health is the state of optimum physical, mental and social well-being.

Our Intent and Goal

Our goal at ADVANTACARE Chiropractic Wellness Center is the prevention of disease and maximizing the quality of life for each patient. It is our intent to treat our patients as we would members of our own family, educate our patients to become self-aware in regard to their own state of health and fitness, and to empower them with the knowledge to maximize their own health potential.

Chiropractic Care That’s Right for You

Many conditions, both acute pain from auto accidents, work injuries, sports injuries, falls or other traumas, and back pain, neck pain, shoulder and arm or leg pain that have been prescribed medications to simply mask the symptoms, without any real resolution of the true underlying problem can alter your lifestyle and wellness. Dr. Bartelt provides cutting-edge, scientifically researched, corrective chiropractic care that is formulated and individually customized to each patient. We offer a variety of techniques and services to meet your specific needs:

Ready to get real relief from pain naturally and help your body heal itself with chiropractic care? Contact our office today and schedule an appointment.

Proudly Serving Hardin County, Larue County, Grayson County, Meade County, and Bullitt County!

ADVANTACARE Chiropractic Wellness Center

2902 Dolphin Drive

Elizabethtown, KY 42701

Dr. Craig A. Bartelt, D.C.


Patient Testimonials

  • "One of the best chiropractors in town. He’s worked on my whole family and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor. Very professional, clean environment, and friendly staff."
    Alana W.
  • "If you're looking for a new chiropractor, Dr. Bartelt is it! He has the best CA's and Massage Therapist ever... I've been in pain for many years. No one has helped, until now! When I walk in the door April is there to take great care of you. Then if you need a massage Janice, has some great! Tricks up her sleeve. After Janice is done. Dr. Bartelt is there to listen to your every need. He has made my life a lot less painful. Thank you, all! For being there to fix my messed up body."
    Tabitha B.
  • "My husband went to see Dr Bartelt for lower back pain, and Dr Bartelt did an outstanding job. We have sent other family members to him and will continue to do so"
    Katie F.
  • "My husband and I both believe that Dr. Bartelt is the best chiropractor around. I even convinced my Dad to switch from his life long & local chiropractor to Dr. Bartelt and he’s never looked back. He’s professional, knowledgeable & takes the time to listen to what you have to say. Will always recommend Dr. B!"
    Courtney N.
  • "I trust Dr. Bartelt with my care completely. I have been a patient for many years and will not go to another chiropractor. Dr. Bartelt takes the time to find out the root cause of what's causing your problems. He provides his patients with the best care available. I highly recommend him!"
    Christine B.
  • "Dr. Bartelt has provided me substantial medical consultation regarding extreme lower back pain associated with a severe herniated disk. His expert medical opinion and advice led to an appropriate non-surgical treatment that reduced my pain level from 10 to near zero over the matter of a little more than one month. As a retired Army officer, I can honestly say without any reservation that you will find no better Chiropractor who cares more for his patient’s well-being and long-term care and than Dr. Craig Bartelt."
    Leo M.
  • "Dr. Bartelt is one of the most knowledgable doctors I have the pleasure of knowing. His examination and treatment skills are second to none. I trust Dr. Bartelt with not only MY health, but also with that of my entire family."
    Donald A.
  • "I had a knee injury 2 weeks before going on vacation and didn't think I would be able to walk on the beach because I was in so much pain. I went to see Dr. Bartelt and with his advanced treatments including cold laser therapy...I walked on the beach every day! Dr. Bartelt also helped me regain my health after an automobile accident that injured my neck. He is so much more than just a chiropractor that "cracks" your back. Dr. Bartelt understands the importance of total body health and he will help you reach your health goals. I highly recommend Dr. Bartelt and his professional staff."
    Peggy H.
  • "I drive from bowling green to Elizabethtown for treatment because Dr. Bartelt and his staff are the best of the best when it comes to back trouble, or chronic pain. I've had many different health issues over the years, and Dr. Bartelt has helped me become healthier and feel better across the board with advanced treatments and an abundance of knowledge. Go see Dr. Bartelt! You won't regret it!"
    Brittany S.
  • "My entire family has been going there for the past year. My kids even love to go see Dr. Bartelt and his staff. We all feel so much better after leaving his office."
  • "Have been going there for about six months and seen and more importantly felt a huge difference"
  • "Dr. Bartelt is a lifesaver! I have been a patient for over 15 years. Many years ago he advised me to a wholistic / alternative treatment for cancer. I developed stage-4 cancer 5 years ago and followed his advise. I am alive today because of him. He doesn't just treat symptoms, he digs until he finds the root of the problem and treats the underlying CAUSE. So different from the AMA inspired medical community. You would do well to seek out Dr. Bartelt!"
    Dennis H.
  • "Dr. Bartelt is one of the most knowledgable doctors I have the pleasure of knowing. His examination and treatment skills are second to none. I trust Dr. Bartelt with not only MY health, but also with that of my entire family."
    Dr. Don A.
  • "Went in 8 visits ago with neck pain now I have no pain Dr Bartelt is awesome and so is Jen the massage therapist would recommend to anyone."
    David B.
  • "Very through, patient, and knowledgeable. Best chiropractor ever been to by far."
    Christian L.
  • "Super amazing chiropractor and staff."
    Rm.lularoe L.
  • "I love Advanacare they have mad me feel 100 better."
    Sara C.
  • "Dr. Bartelt and staff are the best in town, I got in a car accident and messed up my back they set up a game plan and got me feeling better than ever with my back and neck motions I highly recommend using Adavantacare Chiropractic."
    Aaron P.
  • "I am one of Avantacare's very first patients and still see Dr. Bartelt. he is wonderful and over the years I have gotten to know his children from age 3 and up. He is an Excellent Chiropractor and the staff are excellent also. Whenever I have a neck, back or shoulder issue, I know I can go see them and will be feeling better soon. They stay up to date on new equipment and techniques. And if Doc can't help you he will tell you up front after he does a complete workup on you and see's what he can do to help. If he does not help or from X-rays he can't help he is honest, he will tell you all your options. Plus Doc is a retired ARMY VET. When you want the very best forget the rest go see Avantacare chiropractic.Doctor Craig Bartelt will make your day."
    Mike R.
  • "Doctor Craig A. Bartelt is a great guy that I’ve known for at least 15 years. Very knowledgeable with all aspects of Chiropractic care. Knows the most appropriate diagnostic testing post motor vehicle accidents. It’s important to understand the kind of doctor you go to for injuries. If you have a fracture, you go to an Orthopedic Surgeon. If you have a strain or soft tissue injury you waste your time and money following up with your family doctor. All they know is to provide pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds and physical therapy. This may not be the long term solution to your problem! Doc treats soft-tissue injuries. Seek the right doctor immediately following an injury! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Bartelt! I would even bet he would take “walk-ins and crawl-ins” no appointment needed!"
    Alan S.
  • "Dr. Bartelt is one of the best chiropractors in the area; treatment is carefully constructed around each patient’s individual health goals! Multiple health assessments combined with data collected are the starting point for improvements leading to each patient’s full recovery! I’m proud to say that Dr. Bartelt diagnosed a serious illness so that I could have emergency surgery that saved my life! I’m forever grateful for the professionalism and friendship of Dr. Bartelt"
    Jody B.
  • "I can’t enough good things about Dr. Bartelt and his staff! A doctor that truly cares about finding what is causing your issues and not just a quick fix. If you need chiropractic, look no further. You’ll be glad you did!"
    Christine B.
  • "Dr. Bartelt and his staff are awesome! They all really care about you and strive to do whatever is necessary to get you back to full speed. If you are really hurting or have acute pain after doing something, they will work you in. I also love his wholistic approach to making healthier lifestyle choices to help prevent problems."
    Matt W.
  • "Dr. Craig Bartelt is one of the best and the brightest in his profession. From low back pain, to neck pain to headaches...Dr. Bartelt brings with him THE very best diagnostics and therapies that provide fast, highly effective relief. I regularly consult with Dr. Bartelt (as do many other doctors & healthcare professionals across the country) because he knows how to get rid of acute and chronic pain. He brings INCREDIBLE depth of clinical knowledge with skill, compassion and great bed side manner. Highly recommended!"
    Kevin S.
  • "Advantacare Chiropractic helps me tremendously with migraine and severe neck/back muscle pain. Dr. Bartelt and the entire staff are knowledgeable, honest and friendly. I continue to go there to assist with migraine prevention."
    Theresa M.
  • "I have had on and off back pain for years. When suffering in the past it would make what I do difficult. Because of Dr Bartelt's knowledge of nutrition, as well as his extensive knowledge of the make up of the human body, I am able today to not only fulfill my responsibilities in my position but also help my daughter in her athletic endeavors."
  • "Dr. Bartlet really listens to your concerns and treats you accordingly. His staff is professional and make friendly conversation. You never have to wait long before being assisted. Also the massage therapist did wonders for my neck pain! I doubt you will leave unsatisfied."
    Katelyn A.
  • "Super friendly staff. Excellent and friendly Dr.! Must say that they really know what they are doing. Highly recommend."
    Kim L.
  • "I have been a patient of Dr Bartelt’s for the last 10 years. He is by far the best chiropractor I have ever had (had seen others in the past due to multiple military moves). Dr. Bartelt is very thorough and takes the time to explain the problem and treatment plan in detail. He has treated my chronic back pain during exacerbations (to nearly no pain at all) and successfully treated me through 2 car accidents which had caused severe whiplash. I recommend him to my friends often and as a nurse practitioner, I recommend him to my patients. His office staff is very friendly and his massage therapists are knowledgeable, kind, considerate and do a fantastic job in a calm and relaxing environment. This is definitely the chiropractic practice to choose-you will be glad you did."
    Jana J.
  • "Dr. Bartelt it is very knowledgeable and caring!! He & his staff are very personable, friendly & accommodating!! Me & my family have been going to Dr. Bartelt for years and we’ve always received excellent care and customer service!! 👍🏼"
  • "I have been going to Dr. Bartelt on and off for over 2 years. I work on computers all day so it causes my neck and shoulders stiffness. Between the adjusting and the massage, I can get through the day with less headaches and body pain. Dr. Bartelt, April and Jen treat you just like family. They are amazing and I'm glad I didn't go anywhere else."
    Lauren A.
  • "I have been to a few Chiropractors over the years and always had trouble finding a good practice that would help me with my back. I heard from a friend of mine about Advantacare Chiropractic and figured I give them a shot. Best decision I ever made! Meeting Dr. Bartelt and his staff, I instantly became comfortable and knew this would be the place.
    Dr. Bartelt was able to relieve my back pain. He knows what he is doing and explains what he does and why it helps. He also gave me some good advice on how to prevent future flare ups. I would highly recommend Advantacare Chiropractic Wellness Center and Dr. Bartelt!"
    Mike C.
  • "The care and attention you receive is above and beyond other offices. They truly go in depth to help resolve your issue."
    Ashley S.
  • "Dr. Bartelt is one of the most knowledgeable and competent doctors in Western Kentucky. He treats all of his patients with authentic concern for their needs. I would recommend Advantacare to anyone as the first place they should go to seek consultation for any heath, injury or nutritional issues. The office goes above and beyond the scope of what is required or expected from any healthcare provider."
    Shawna E.
  • "I have been going to Dr. Bartelt for many years and would not go anywhere else. His knowledge in the medical and chiropractic field is extremely extensive, and he continues to go above and beyond in his patient care. He is honest, and your health and well-being is his number one priority. I highly recommend Dr. Bartelt to anyone who needs chiropractic care."
    Nancy G.
  • "ADVANTCARE is the one and only place to go for anything from back or neck pain to auto accident care. They have treated me for over 16 years for multiple car accidents, back pain and radiating neuropathy pain helping me immensely."
    Henry M.
  • "Dr Bartelt was great. He meet all our needs. He helped get my husbands diabetes and other health issues under control. His knowledge, expertise and ability to help us understand all aspects of our health conditions was awesome."
    S N B Kerr
  • "I relocated back to Kentucky in 2005. I see a chiropractor due to severe whiplash that I sustained during an automobile accident. I had the opportunity to see a few other chiropractors in the local area. Each chiropractor I seen was not friendly and the focus was more on payment than on me as a patient. I than found Dr. Craig Bartelt and his staff at Advantacare Chiropractic. If you are not a patient there, you are at the wrong place. Stop wasting your money and go to a professional. Dr. Bartelt is patient, honest and very informative. The office staff is very friendly and you feel welcome when you go there. Dr. Bartelt also has an amazing massage therapist on staff. For all these reasons and many, more is why I have been a loyal patient for the past 13 years."
    Alexus H.
  • "Dr. Bartelt is very detail oriented. He was attentive even when he had a waiting room full of other patients. I received massage and chiropractic services for about 4 months and feel better than before my car wreak. The prices are very reasonable as well."
    Samantha G.
  • "Craig and his staff truly care about your health. They go beyond cracking your back. Craig outlines how to regain your overall health through exercises, vitamins, and a straight back!! Thanks for caring about me!!"
    Holly W.
  • "Dr. Craig Bartelt and his staff are the friendliest, most efficient professionals I’ve ever met. After a bad fall and 2 back surgeries, I was left with severe back pain. Dr. Bartelt’s thorough initial exam showed him exactly where my worse pain was. He immediately set me up on a regiment to ease my pain. He is patient, kind and knowledgeable and wants more than anything to be able to get his patients well. Jen’s therapeutic, deep-tissue massages are the best there is!!"
    Jane F.
  • "I feel like family when I come here. They ask about my kids and I send all my family and friends there. DR. B has help get me back to square one on not only 1 car wreck but 3, some people can not drive but I can always recommend Advantacare to help with their chiropractic needs."
    Ashley L.
  • "Since going to Dr B I have had 100 percent improvement. I can do things again that I couldn’t do. Staff is nice and friendly, office is very nice and clean. They all treat you like family."
    Lisa G.
  • "Dr. Bartelt and his office staff go over and beyond to help you and their personalities match their kindness. I was getting ready to have surgery on a pinched nerve and after 3 visits I had ZERO pain or discomfort. I couldn’t believe it. My parents always told me not to go to the Chiropractor but they now agree they were wrong!! They just hadn’t been to Dr. Bartelt!"
    Nora B.
  • "I have seen a lot of different chiropractors over the years in different parts of the country and I have been very pleased with the care I have received over the past couple of years at Advantacare Chiropractic. Since my health insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care, I particularly liked the variety of options for monthly maintenance programs they offered once my major issues were resolved. The therapeutic treatment approach to my injury after car accident was comprehensive. One thing I particularly like about Dr. Bartelt is that if he believes that an issue needs to be addressed by a medical doctor rather than by a chiropractor, he does not hesitate to refer patients elsewhere. Jen is an absolutely fantastic massage therapist. The monthly massage with her that is included in my maintenance program is what I call 'my favorite hour of any given month'!!!"
    Marcella B.
  • "Very professional and friendly atmosphere. Always feel comfortable in Dr Bartell's care.
    Explains thoroughly therapy plans to get my body to a healthy state. Highly recommended"
    Tracy N.
  • "Excellent Chiropractor and staff. Whenever I have a neck, back or shoulder issue, I know I can go see them and will be feeling better soon. They stay up to date on new equipment and techniques. I appreciate that they are flexible in scheduling visits. I highly recommend Advantacare."
    Mickey G.
  • "All around amazing chiropractic center. From April scheduling appointments and helping get you started on excercises, stem, wobbling, or the roller bed, to Dr. Bartelt always always ALWAYS getting me feeling back up to par, to Jen leaving you feeling completely relaxed after a massage. 10/10 recommend. ☺️"
    Brooke N.
  • "Dr. Bartelt and his staff go above and beyond to treat you as a whole person. Thorough consultation, exam and inquiries to best understand how to proceed in order to achieve long term success was paramount in my decision to stick with Advantacare Chiropractic. I’ve benefited from nearly 2 years of maintenance adjustments after massage and know it has made a considerable difference in migraine headaches being less frequent. It’s comforting to me knowing there is an option that addresses issues with movement, nutrition, strength and flexibility rather than pharmaceuticals. Top notch wellness clinic."
    Tiffany B.
  • "Advantacare Chiropractic was my first chiropractic experience. and I couldn't have chose a better office. By sticking with their schedule and allowing them to direct my care, I am finding mobility in my back, legs and shoulder that I didn't think I would get back after my auto accident. The atmosphere is warm and friendly with good conversation. I can recommend this office and this doctor to all of my friends with confidence that they will receive excellent service."
    Joe G.
  • "One of the most complete and caring centers I have ever been to. The staff is professional, competent and friendly. They help out anyway they can above and beyond. The massages are relaxing and stress relieving while helping medically. I cannot say enough about the Doctor and staff working here. I have followed for going on a decade now and will not go to another."
    Jeffrey P.
  • "If you're looking for more than just a chiropractor, Dr. Bartelt is the best! He goes above and beyond to provide his patients the best care. He truly cares about your health and well being, and has a wonderful staff! Awesome massage therapist too!"
    Ramona F.
  • "This is a great place to go when your feeling low. The Doctor is fantastic the staff is professional. They have that real caring attitude. It took a few days but they had me back on my feet feeling much better. Thank you guys ! Your great!"
    Scott S.

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